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Orders and Shipping

After order is paid it takes 1-3 business days for payment to be cleared on our side. Even if you got payment confirmation from your credit card company it does not mean that your money is already with us. But your order is being packed as soon as you send funds.
After money is cleared and we are sure that it’s authorized by genuine card holder we pass your package for shipping.
It needs to pass custom clearance (1-3 business days) and once it’s done tracking code becomes available.
Usually tracking codes are sent to you within 3-5 business days after cleared payment. And it becomes available for online tracking within next 1-2 days after that.

We arrange shipping via EMS trackable delivery. Once package in USA it’s being delivered by USPS. So you can use site to track status of your order.

Shipping itself takes from 5 to 15 business days to any place in USA.

After orders arrive to USA they need to pass custom clearance. It takes 2-5 business days and you will be able to see this on site. As soon as it’s passed you can start counting days for order to be delivered to your doors.
Our minimum order amount with credit card payments is $90. For orders paid via money transfers or with bitcoins there are no minimum requirements.
We also set high limit for the first time customers on $450 level. But we recommend you to place order for lower amount. This way you will be able to check the quality of our products and services and then place larger orders in future. Plus we will provide you discount code for next orders that will allow you to get free products as well.

We clear all orders history every 2 months. So you can be sure no one has history of your orders.

Yes, we are constantly offering discounts to our returning customers. Contact us to get personal discount promo codes.
We also place the most popular products on sale once a week. So be sure that you are subscribed to our mailing list to stay updated with our latest promos and deals.
If you have any problem with the order

Problems and solutions

Delivery rate of our orders to USA is 99%. But in any case order is stopped on custom we will offer 1 free reshipping of your order or 50% refund of your payment. You just need to send us picture of paper from USPS that notifies that order is stopped.
If you choose us to reship your order we will do this within next 20 business days (It’s not good to ship if earlier).
If you decide to have 50% refund of your order instead or reshipping we will arrange it within 48 business hours after we get your scan of seizure notification.

We reship damaged or missing items without any problem. The only request – YOU NEED TO SHOOT VIDEO OF OPENING of the package. This is done because we faced several fake requests about missing items during our 3 years selling activity. And there still some people who try to get free products after they claim that something was damaged or not included into the package.

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